Snippets 2009​-​2013

by Brian Stankus

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this is a collection of old unfinished laptop demos. a lot of them i think had potential, but they're too far away from me now to finish. i put them here to make room for new things.


released December 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Brian Stankus Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: anxieties
i was in college, living on beacon street at the time. there was a big group of exchange students from spain in my building, and the place was always alive -- you can hear them in the beginning. i was a mess, but i like the way this came together.
Track Name: id
i was having a lot of trouble sleeping, and i would just watch crime shows the entire night until i eventually fell asleep with the tv on. it was weirdly comforting -- whatever i was feeling guilty about, at least i didn't kill anyone. i wish i could remember these chords.
Track Name: flood plane
living with my friend morris in an absurdly small apartment in brighton, just for the summer. we bought an n64 and found a bunch of games on ebay. i remember hanging out with ryan and shelby a lot then, and drinking summers (vodka and powdered pink lemonade).
Track Name: message
jesus, this is kind of hard to listen to. i was in the basement of my dorm my freshman year of college. i think this was the loneliest i’ve ever been. i had just moved to boston where i didn’t know anyone, and was just stewing in my own guilt about destroying my relationship. weird to listen to this now.
Track Name: sun
this was on the front porch of my parents’ house. i think i was living home working landscaping that summer, i can’t remember. this is just a recording of me writing what became the song daniel. a lot of times, this is how writing goes for me -- just repeat chords and sing words until some of them sound good.
Track Name: chair
i think this is about trying to cope without just numbing out.
Track Name: fake empire (the national cover)
i don’t really remember recording this but i remember covering this live -- i was playing at the middle east to basically no one but my sister came up and sang this with me. we didn’t practice it at all but it sounded so good and it’s just a really nice memory.
Track Name: home
this one is all warm feelings -- a bright spot in a weird dark year